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Monday - Friday
9:00am - 5:30pm
9:00am - 4:00pm


Rentals Since 1976
We Rent Class-C Motorhomes, Travel Trailers & Tent Campers

Reserve Early
Summer Months Fill Up Quickly

Schedule Times For Pickups & Returns
Motorhomes: Saturday
Tent Campers: Friday
Travel Trailers: Friday

Pickups Starting at 2:30 PM or as scheduled
Returns at 9:00 AM
Rentals Must Be Returned During Business Hours

General Information: Minimum rental is 3 days in off-season and 7 days in peak season (Approx. June 15 to Sept. 15th). Renter must be at least 25 years of age and have a valid drivers license. The Security Deposit less applicable expenses such as extra mileage, topping off gasoline and propane will be refunded 15 to 30 days after the return of the unit. Rental units MUST be returned clean and without damage or loss of equipment. Upon departure, chemicals and toilet paper will be supplied by Rousseau’s and quantity used will be charged to the renter upon return. Mass. State Sales and Use Tax are required on all rentals, mileage and supplies. NO ANIMALS OR SMOKING ARE ALLOWED. IF EVIDENCE OF EITHER, A $100 DESENSITIZING FEE IS CHARGED, ALSO A $50 PER HOUR CLEANING FEE MAY APPLY.

Important Information For Renters – Forms 8 A – updated 09/07

Late Departure and Availability: We are not responsible for late departure due to conditions beyond our control. If, for any reason beyond the control of Rousseau’s, the reserved unit is not available, Rousseau’s reserves the right to hold or substitute a unit of equivalent value or offer a higher rate unit at no extra cost to the renter. Should a lower rated unit be offered, Rousseau’s only responsibility is to adjust the cost difference between the two units.

Late Return: Late returns are prohibited. Another renter may be waiting to use your rental unit on the day of your return. Late fees are $50 per hour for motorized units & $25 per hour for trailers. Units returned at unattended hours are assessed a $200 service charge unless prior approval in writing is attained.

Fuel: The renter supplies all gasoline used. Due to varying driving habits, Rousseau’s makes no warranties, expressed or implied, on gasoline mileage. The 7 – 12 MPG(highway) are based on estimates of previous renters. Motor Homes will leave full of gasoline and MUST be returned full of gasoline. NOTE: The unit will still be topped off by Rousseau’s.

Motorhome Maintenance: All costs for oil and repairs necessary for the safety & operation of the unit under $50 can be repaired without authorization and reimbursed for by Rousseau’s per sales receipts and old replaced parts. Call for authorization must be made during business hours. Business hours are Monday thru Friday 9am to 5:30pm and Saturday 9am to 4pm.

Limits of Liability: In the event of a breakdown, Rousseau’s is not responsible for inconvenience, delays, or extra traveling costs. If in the rare case of major breakdown and the unit is tied up for more than one day, the rental fee for the time lost only shall be credited to the renter. In no case shall the responsibility of Rousseau’s exceed credits(any hotel, rental car or meals are the responsibility of the renter). Please notify Rousseau’s DURING BUSINESS HOURS if a major breakdown occurs. The answering machine does not constitute notification or authorization.

Business Hours: If a major breakdown occurs, the answering machine does not constitute notification or authorization.

Customer Convenience: All attachments for Motorhome and Tent Campers are supplied for complete campground hookup. Before departure, a complete hands on instructional walk-thru of the unit rented is given. Please allow approximately two (2) hours for Motorhomes and one (1) hour for Tent Campers.

Generator: Motor homes are equipped with generators. Renters are allowed 2 free generator hours per day. Excess hours will be charged at $2.00 per hr.

Cancellation Policy: All Cancellations made 30 days or less prior to departure will forfeit their Reservation Deposit. Cancellations made more than 31 days prior to departure get a full refund minus $50 processing fee. Failure or refusal by the lessee to take and accept said unit on the date specified, results in the Prepayment Deposit being retained as reimbursement for losses resulting from lessee’s failure to complete the transaction. There is no refund for the unused portion of the rental for early returns. Final payment is due and payable 14 days prior to departure and must be paid in CASH, DEBIT CARD, OR CERTIFIED BANK CHECK.

2016 Rental Rates: Units displayed are approximate layouts of rental fleet. Renter rents size category only and not a specific unit.
Motor Home’s mileage must not exceed the average of 300 miles per day. Excess mileage will be assessed at penalty rates.





Towable Lightweight Travel Trailer – Approx. 24 Ft
Rate: $698 Per Week – Add’l Days @ $85 Per Day
Ins: $7 Per Day – $500 Coll. Waiver Reduction
Res. Deposit $500 becomes Security Deposit.
Renter Must Have a Hitch, Wiring & Brake Control Ask for details No TV and No Generator

Size: 21 Ft. Motorhome
Includes: Awning And 2 free generator hours per day
Rate: $1298 Per Week – 100 Free Miles Per Day Extra days $185 includes 100 free miles
Ins: $15 Per Day -$500 Coll. Waiver Reduction
Extra Estimated Miles: $.25 Per Mile
10% Over Estimated Miles – $1.25 Per Mile Res. Deposit $500 becomes Security Deposit





Small Tent Camper $346 Per Week

TENT CAMPERS Ins: $4 per day $200 Collision Waiver Reduction Security Deposit Of $200 Each Extra Day is $57.

Large Tent Camper $395 Per Week


Rousseau's RV Center BBB Business Review1 BBB Customer Reviews